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You are welcome to join in the adventure of birding in barely explored destinations where the birds are the main characters in sceneries full of cultural richness that will make your trip a unique experience...

Birding With Me is a woman-owned-and-directed birding tour company with deep roots in Uruguay.  We are committed to promoting responsible, sustainable and community-supporting tourism in our country, and partner with other professionals of the tourism industry who share these same principles.

Our vision: We design your tour with respect for nature and local culture, in which birds, landscapes, history and local culture are an integral part of your immersive, wholehearted, bird-rich experience. Our customized birdwatching tours take you to little-explored destinations in Uruguay, where we share with you the expansive nature and community of our small, dynamic country.


Who are our guests? Our guests are those whose ideal birding trip also includes a cultural experience of the country destination. Those who enjoy not only the birds of the destination country, but also the complexity of other societies, the habits, culinary traditions, and even the climate, with the best intention to enjoy everything. This traveler likes having a conversation with locals, eating the local food, staying in local family-owned accommodations, and exploring local traditions.


We invite birders and nature lovers from all over the world, and can tailor your visit for dietary preferences and accessibility conditions. We look forward to meeting you and helping you plan your birding adventure in Uruguay!

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