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You are welcome to join in the adventure of birding in barely explored destinations where the birds are the main characters in sceneries full of cultural richness that will make your trip a unique experience...

Birding With Me is a single person venture directed by a Uruguayan female bird guide committed to promoting responsible, sustainable and community tourism. To this end, an exhaustive selection process has been carried out to partner with other professionals of the tourism industry that stick to those principles.

Our vision: Being part of a new tourism industry where respect for nature and local culture become paramount while providing a personal, warm and wholehearted experience to the guest.


Our mision: To offer birdwatching tours in barely explored destinations at small scale, personal and sustainable level for birders from all over the world.


Who are our guests? Our guests are those who we call the good travelers. The good traveler is that one that is willing to leave home and all what is related to the place where he/she lives in to experience the reality of other societies, their habits, culinary traditions, and even the climate conditions, with the best intention to enjoy everything. This traveler likes having a conversation with locals, eat what they eat, stay in their houses, as well as he/she respects their culture and habits. We invite birders and bird and nature lovers from all over the world, with any dietary requirments and physical condition.

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